About Me

My name is Josefine. I was born the 6th of April in 1998 in Denmark. I am currently living on a small farm in the countryside with my father, mother, and two brothers. It’s pretty cosy here – the only animals we have are 2 horses and 2 cats, and we live near a forest.

I’m the kind of person who has way too many interests. I like reading, writing, photography, music, fashion, learning, cooking, traveling, movies/series, exercising, gaming, walking, sleeping, drawing, designing, painting…. and more – the list is endless. But I like simplicity and try my best to live by the principle of kindness.

I don’t talk much. I have always been that shy kid in class – I was never really shy, however. Just introverted.

The reason why I made this blog was that I have struggled with social anxiety and depression for many years and I want to help others who are going through the same stuff as I have.

So be prepared for lots of advice, stories, pictures, and recommendations!

Contact: josefinekage@gmail.com